All64 Mod

This mod will extend the basic game by a modsupport for 64er maps. This mod include maps from the add-ons Amored Fury and Euro Force, as well as the normal Bf2. Without this mod, the map sizes for bots are limited to only 16. This will allow you to play your favorite maps even in the big versions! In some Cases this will add additional vehicles (e.g. Jets) to the game.

SF64 Mod

This mod will extend the special forces game by a modsupport for 64er maps! This will add new vehicles, like chopper. So you can earn many many helicopter ribbons ;)

Hard Justice Mod

This mod is a slightly different mod! With this mod you get a different style of gaming with new weapons, vehicles and weapon behaviors! The recoil of the weapons is significantly lower than with other bf2 mods. Vehicles have new main weapons. Have fun with the mod!

AIX 2.0 Mod

This mod offer very many new vehicles and new maps! The download links are partionized into three parts. The core mod is the mod which you need for playing the mod. Then there are two mappacks. One is the standard mappack (normal), the other one are some advanced maps.